highway 17 drive                                          

nighttime classic taxiride on the Malecon


la habana / cuba

september 25 / 2018

19:43 pm

2012  |  20 min 51 sec  |  part 1 |  color  

iPhone 3gs / Samplr

15x18 rectangular, middle entrance

corridor of the DARC building, UCSC

Art, Film & Digital Media Open Studios 2011

simultaneously screened on two, 21 inch 

IMac screens & one 40 inch plasma TV,

the audience was immersed in randomized, unfliltered 

sounds & hyper-saturated visuals of the featured

birds & its surroundings, chaotically juxtaposed

with found audio from one stretch of highway traffic & the rushing metro train, in loop, above Mission Valley 

situated the audience in a controlled,

unnatural milieu - dialectically foreign

from residences of local, inner-city

& ocean-side dwelling birds from San Diego all over