this view never gets old

niagara falls, new york
 july 28 / 2017
20:55 pm


  i.e.  the other (ing)


MAY 2 to MAY 5

@ THE DARC / digital arts research center

University of California / Santa Cruz

santa cruz, california

featuring  ALEX  WOJCIK

as   ( A N ) O T H E R

 a part of   g r o u n d  ( c t r l )


the 2013 D.A.N.M. ( DIGITAL ARTS

NEW MEDIA program )


(AN)OTHER aka THE OTHER(ing)  was an interactive

improvisational play & durational installation

which subverted the roles of the self & the “other”,

questioned the definition of the subject,

the function of an object, the state of human

& non/post-human relations, while situated

in a hyper-voyeuristic, cookie-cut “natural” world ---

where physical & virtual realities invert & overlap.

as (AN)OTHER you are relentlessly watched

& scrutinized, constantly forced to face your fears;

in this case, those fears are manifested

in at least one physical subaltern body,

in close proximity or via social media;

you are your own hybrid specie --- a mountain lion,

a golden coyote, a silk-feathered human owl ---

and whether or not you're an actual cyborg

at this point, no one knows.

participants from the audience were allowed

to enter (AN)OTHER's space by taking a snapshot

of (AN)OTHER from the mouth of the entrance ---

or through any of the frames dangling around

& encircling the space's circumference,

prior to entering.

before exiting, the participant must post

at least one image or one piece of footage taken inside (AN)OTHER's space onto at least one

of the participant's social mediums  ---

with the hashtags #ANOTHER & #JOHNPATRICKAYSON