b  i  o                                          

 writer  artist  PhD  researcher

@ the Department of  Media Study

< ART / practice & theory > @ the  State University

of New York - university @  buffalo  •   


upcoming project :  y o g u r t 

an interactive installation

on food,  the anthropocene 

and the intersections between

local & global food economies  •  


other ongoing projects : 

various web development ventures & a series

of texts & art objects on / about

 the Accidental   Satiated   &   Performative

  B  O  D  ( Y )  I  E  S  

in   Physico-Virtual   subject-object

  S  P  A  C  E  ( S )  •  


resides in  Elmwood 


with a half-decade young

black cat    LE  MOMO   •   

"Manchester Piccadilly train station" 

manchester / england

june 17 / 2017

12:56 pm 


   john-patrick ayson


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