By situating the “self” beyond the expected, familiar, intertwined visual conventions of the camera, cinema & moving images —- and into what theorist

 Benjamin Bratton  defines in his seminal text as  THE STACK  —-

 9:41 a/pm:  ME , MY GPS(elves) & i —-  is a post-cinematic art object

that addresses, defines & objectifies that aforementioned self —- within our contemporary mobile-media saturated milieu — as both a physico-virtual “body”

AND “space” that fixedly & continuously motions as AND through the Stack(s)...   of User(s), Interface(s), Address(es), City(ies), Cloud(s), Earth(s)  

With a 5.9 mile, 20+minute drive as a scant narrative backbone,

 9:41 a/pm:  ME , MY GPS(elves) & i  uses mobile apps as combinations of

lenses + gauges + sensors —- L E N G A U S O RS —-  that weigh, spotlight , absorb

& externalize this SELF — this physico-virtual, body space-object  —- that is,

for starters, on any shiny surface, at least @ first --- a mere dot on the screen 

BLOCKED LOVER    ( 2017 )