adapted from  a primarily text-based   

still image-laden narrative (previously published

by the good folks @ PORCHLIGHT) & used as a video scenescape for (an)other"here... " functions

as a homage to the robbe-grillet  sect

of the nouveau roman - w/ the on-screen

text - undertaking a deeply ruminative , equally 

 & voyeuristically objective , human-machine 

camera "observations" - focused on a pair of subjects

participating in the physical complications

of drunkenly awkward car sex 

     john-patrick ayson     ( dot )  com

      cinemas      w o r k s   c o n t a c t             ©opyright 2016 

2 mins 49 seconds | santa cruz CA | color

digital; canon t4i; DM1, DXi, Samplr


 here . . .   ( 2013 )  

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