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(un)conscious Hyperbodies,


(as datafied particles)

 steamy manholes

detroit, michigan / united states
august 5 / 2017
08:14 am

The first part of this presentation will provide an analysis of artists Maria Judova & Andrej Boleslavsky’s VR artwork  D U S T 

and their use of VR technology to portray the human body in motion --- a body in motion, dancing amongst, as one,

with layered, motioning dust --- & the physical spaces it occupies as live, motioning particles.


Featured as one of the main attractions during the  C o n n e c t i n g  t h e  D o t s   media art festival in Mexico City during September 2018, Judova & Boleslavsky’s  D U S T  argues that not only does VR technology influence the human’s perceptive relationship with its own body, it also places the body & the spaces it occupies in the same plane --- in terms of its abilities to maneuver past spatial, cognitive & imaginative borders & relationships.


The second, concluding part of this presentation will then provide an analysis of the human body as a datafied composition of microbodies (in the form of food & the nutritional data drawn from food, as independent hyperobjects in of themselves ) and macroorganisms (in the form of economic, consumer-actors, operating within larger economic industry-corporate networks ) --- via a series of visuals from my upcoming interactive art installation  Y O G U R T 


By analyzing the motioning human body, the motioning human body as AND within datafied dust particles, the motioning human body that ingests food as hyperobjective means of sustenance & nutrition, the motioning human body as an actor, coexisting with food as hyperobjects --- all of which simultaneously occupy physical & virtual hyper-spaces, local & global economic industry-networks, as one --- my talk / paper / presentation will argue that such datafied relationships are even more possible & apparent, if & when AR, VR, A.I. & smart technologies are intermittently used & questioned.