(un)conscious Hyperbodies,


(as datafied particles)

"steamy manholes"

detroit, michigan / united states  

august 5 / 2017  

08:14 am  

The first part of this paper / presentation will provide an analysis of artists Maria Judova & Andrej Boleslavsky’s VR artwork DUST and their use of VR technology to portray the human body in motion --- a body in motion, dancing amongst, as one, with motioning, layered dust --- & the physical spaces it occupies as live, motioning particles.


Featured as one of the main attractions during the Connecting the Dots media art festival in Mexico City during September 2018, Judova & Boleslavsky’s DUST argues that not only does VR technology influence the human’s perceptive relationship with its own body, it also places the body & the spaces it occupies in the same plane --- in terms of its abilities to maneuver past spatial, cognitive & imaginative borders & relationships.


The second, concluding part of this / paper presentation will then provide an analysis of the human body as a datafied composition of microbodies (in the form of food & the nutritional data drawn from food, as independent hyperobjects in of themselves ) and macroorganisms (in the form of economic, consumer-actors, operating within larger economic industry-corporate networks ) --- via a series of visuals from my upcoming interactive art installation “ YOGURT “.


By analyzing the motioning human body, the motioning human body as AND within datafied dust particles, the motioning human body that ingests food as hyperobjective means of sustenance & nutrition, the motioning human body as an actor, coexisting with food as hyperobjects --- all of which simultaneously occupy physical & virtual hyper-spaces, local & global economic industry-networks, as one --- my talk / paper / presentation will argue that such datafied relationships are even more possible & apparent, if & when AR, VR, A.I. & smart technologies are intermittently used & questioned.

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