( s e e i n g )   M E T H A N E

in collabration with

yanzi   W U

vivien   S C H ü T Z

peter   J O H N S O N

amir   A Z A D E H

1   ( SEEING ) METHANE aims to raise awareness

about an otherwise invisible, odorless greenhouse gas — methane —

and to further understand this leading greenhouse gas

as a direct contributor to global climate change

2   Although methane does not linger in the atmosphere as long as carbon dioxide does (arguably the most common greenhouse gas)      it is far more devastating to the climate --- since it readily absorbs heat

3   Nearly 25% of global warming is caused by methane emissions — and much of these emissions are emitted by landfills which are not remotely understood - nor even recognized - by the general public

4   By figuratively transporting a small portion of

the SCHULTZ landfill in Cheektowaga ( SEEING) METHANE  

invited participants to :  

Center for The Arts, studio 278, buffalo NY

wednesday , december  14 , 2016 5-8PM EST

 D M S / C F A   event listing  12/14/16 

(a)  view interviews of actual residents living near Schultz landfill

(b)  hear recorded phone conversations between the collaborators

      & the NY State Department of Environmental Conservation

(c)  measure methane with a working prototype of a methane sensor

(d)  witness an infomercial for the Methane Harvesting Kit —

a speculative “utility tool” used for capturing & storing methane-infused air

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