Dicle & Les Gaulois


featuring Dicle Tiryaki






t h e     b u f f e t   part 4


Paris / 4th arrondissement

premieres JUNE 17 @ HANGAR




Dicle & Les Gaulois  features actress Dicle ( deesh-leh ) Tiryaki offering pre-dinner tips to JP on how to simultaneously

bingewatch netflix shows, paint one's own toe nails, smoke

joints - while taking a warm bath & keeping

the laptop from falling into the bath water,

in the middle of dinner @ NOS ANCETRES LES GAULOIS


acquainted via an airbnb experience listing

w/ Dicle moonlighting as a bar crawl guide --- & JP seeking

a spontaneous, happenstance-led local

willing to dine at a traditional Gaulois  buffet ---

Dicle & Les Gaulois is a quick peek

into interactions between 2 strangers who quickly

befriend one another during the course of several Gaul dishes


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