las vegas  /  nevada, united states
   april  6  / 2018
   18:09 PM

TRAILER  / 1 minute & 19 seconds



functioning as an homage of sorts to Chantal Akerman's

Jeanne Dielman (23 quai du Commerce, 1080 Bruxelles)  this installment

 of  THE BUFFET  features a slice of the filmmaker's very own life.

after not being able to convince a local homeless person

with whom  JP  had initially met, befriended & sought to have dinner with

a few days previously (while seeking willing participants at a local shelter)

this installment of the  THE BUFFET   ultimately had to resort to a more

intimate, one-on-one dynamic between JP & the viewer ---

or the viewer, as JP, having the meal at Grand Hotel

if there ever was an objective,unfettered, first-person POV documentation

of "dinner", ONE GRAND may be it; the film's slow, absorbing,

unedited shots, at times slowed down, sped up, shot hands-free,
at times with the iPhone
placed in JP's sport jacket's
left front breast pocket --- all for the purpose of
& simulating an embodied, universal, dining experience.